Bridging high-impact educational practices with high-impact campus-community partnerships, ACE continues to make strides in its mission to build a world that is just, peaceable, and humane.

Mid Year Retreat Group Photo copyWith vision, quality leadership, and dedicated volunteers and staff, ACE has become a nationally recognized academic community engagement office on Siena College’s campus where students can access a variety of opportunities to get engaged with unique high-impact academic community engagement opportunities. This year, the story of ACE is expansion. Thanks to the generosity of major donors, we added new programs, hired more staff, hosted three on-campus conferences and a community forum, and recruited more passionate and dedicated volunteers to participate in our academic community engagement programs.

We are excited to present this year’s annual report as an easy to navigate website filled with information about our major accomplishments, including inspirational stories, conference highlights, gifts and grants, community recognition, and a page devoted to our impact numbers. Thank you for taking the time to browse through and enjoy!

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– Academic Community Engagement